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Tax Revenue Downturns

Tax Revenue Downturns »

Source: Tax Revenue Downturns : Anatomy and Links to Imports

Volume/Issue: 2010/138

Series: IMF Working Papers

Author(s): Kun Li , and Pablo Lopez Murphy


Publication Date: 01 June 2010

ISBN: 9781455201211

Keywords: downturns, tax revenues, fiscal policy, tax policy, tax bases, Structure, Scope, and Performance of Government, Taxation, Subsidies

We study historical tax revenue downturn episodes-where tax revenue-to-GDP ratios decline sharply-and explore the link between tax revenues and imports. We document that downturn episodes of at least 1 percentage p...

That Squeezing Feeling

That Squeezing Feeling »

Source: That Squeezing Feeling : The Interest Burden and Public Debt Stabilization

Volume/Issue: 2013/125

Series: IMF Working Papers

Author(s): Xavier Debrun , and Tidiane Kinda


Publication Date: 22 May 2013

ISBN: 9781484321737

Keywords: interest payments, fiscal reaction, fiscal policy, fiscal reaction function, government revenue, Comparative or Joint Analysis of Fiscal and Monetary or Stabilization Policy, Deficit,

The paper explores the extent to which the pressure of debt service on other spending items may push governments to embark on fiscal consolidation beyond what is strictly necessary to secure solvency. The empirical...

V Conclusions

V Conclusions »

Source: Rules-Based Fiscal Policy in France, Germany, Italy, and Spain

Series: Occasional Papers

Author(s): Teresa Daban Sanchez , Steven Symansky , Gian Milesi-Ferretti , Enrica Detragiache , and Gabriel Di Bella


Publication Date: 14 November 2003

ISBN: 9781589062160

Keywords: fiscal policy, expenditure, fiscal rules, expenditures, public debt

This paper has reviewed fiscal policy and the fiscal framework in four of the largest economies of the euro area—France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. As in many other advanced economies, the size...