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International Monetary Fund

In this study, during 2008, the financial crisis lead Iceland’s public debt to soar from under 30 percent of GDP to more than 100 percent of GDP, and while underlying external debt came down sharply, it remains elevated at close to 300 percent of GDP. First, external sustainability is overviewed, and second, growth of Iceland’s economy has been challenged, and finally, fiscal adjustments and its macroeconomic impacts are overviewed. Traditional external debt sustainability analysis (DSA) suggests that Iceland’s external debt is sustainable but is vulnerable to depreciation shock.

International Monetary Fund
This report provides details of the IMF's projections and estimates on New Zealand's gross domestic product by sector; selected indicators of economic activity; expenditure on GDP; price and wages; labor market developments; balance of payments; financial survey; services and income; interest rates and yields; gross official international reserves; changes in volumes and unit values of exports and imports during 1995–2000; summary of central government budget and balance sheet during 1994/95–2001/02; central government tax revenue and expenditure during 1992/93–1999/00, and so on.