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International Monetary Fund. Middle East and Central Asia Dept.
This Joint Staff Advisory Note on the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper discusses that Somalia has made noteworthy progress since 2012 to recover from decades of conflict and state fragmentation. The country has succeeded in rebuilding core state capabilities and organized two democratic national elections in 2012 and 2017. Somalia has now reached the stage where it seeks to fully reengage the international community and is requesting debt relief through the heavily indebted poor countries initiative. The authorities developed the Ninth National Development Plan (NPD9) through a highly consultative, participatory process that ensured full country ownership. The macroeconomic policy objectives of NDP9 are to promote economic growth in an environment of low inflation, sustainable fiscal and current account balances, and healthy foreign exchange reserves. The IMF staff recommends updating framework to incorporate greater support for poverty reduction and additional financing from development partners during the interim period. The IMF staff supports the authorities’ commitment to issuing new Somali shilling banknotes, while maintaining de facto dollarization.
International Monetary Fund. Finance Dept.
This paper discusses Zimbabwe’s Settlement of Overdue Financial Obligations to the Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust (PRGT), Lifting of Declaration of Noncooperation, Lifting of Restriction on IMF technical assistance, and restoration of PRGT eligibility. In light of Zimbabwe’s settlement of its overdue financial obligations to the PRGT, the IMF staff proposes that the Board remove the remaining remedial measures. Zimbabwe is eligible to return to the PRGT-eligibility list. The IMF staff also proposes that the Board lift the declaration of noncooperation, remove the remaining restriction on the provision of IMF technical assistance, and reinstate Zimbabwe as a PRGT-eligible country.
Mr. Alexei P Kireyev


Cet ouvrage examine comment l'UEMOA, union monétaire au parcours historique long et varié, peut atteindre ses objectifs de développement et de stabilité, améliorer les conditions de vie de ses citoyens et assurer une meilleure répartition des bienfaits de la croissance économique tout en préservant sa stabilité financière, en rehaussant sa compétitivité et en maintenant les taux de change fixes actuels.

Mr. Alexei P Kireyev


The West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) has a long and varied history, and this book examines how the WAEMU can achieve its development and stability objectives, improve the livelihood of its people, and enhance the inclusiveness of its economic growth, all while preserving its financial stability, enhancing its competitiveness, and maintaining its current fixed exchange rates.