Financial year 2001 was one of expansion for selected IMF initiatives but was resource-constrained for most areas of the work program. With respect to staffing, the Executive Board approved the reclassification of 217 positions, converting some contractual positions to staff jobs, and streamlined and consolidated outsourcing arrangements. A revised employment framework was implemented to clarify and tighten criteria for employment, while allowing more flexibility in meeting staffing needs. Also, several initiatives were adopted to reduce stress on IMF staff, and guidelines on ethical standards for staff and the Executive Board were posted on the IMF’s website (see Box 8.1). As to the administrative budget, the Executive Board agreed on a framework for FY2002 based on zero growth in staffing, with some small increases in selected activities related chiefly to the IMF’s work on preventing financial crises. Financial year 2001 was also a year in which the IMF, in a move to further enhance the transparency and accountability of its activities, took steps to establish an Independent Evaluation Office to provide objective reviews and assessments of its operational work.