Analytical work on Indonesian macroeconomic and financial issues, with an overarching theme on building institutions and policies for prosperity and inclusive growth. The book begins with a 20-year economic overview by former Finance Minister Chatib Basri, with subsequent chapters covering diverse sectors of the economy as well as Indonesia’s place in the global economy.

Contributor Notes

Ruud de Mooij and Juan Toro are affiliated with the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department. Suahasil Nazara is Chairman of the Fiscal Policy Agency, Ministry of Finance, Republic of Indonesia, and professor of economics, University of Indonesia. The chapter is based on a technical assistance mission by the IMF, which worked closely with the staff of the Ministry of Finance. Other members of the IMF team include Aqib Aslam, John Brondolo, Annette Chooi, Michael D’Ascenzo, Hui Jin, Narine Nersesyan, and Thomas Story. The work benefited from comments by the Indonesian government’s officials, as well as by IMF staff, including Michael Keen, Thornton Matheson, Debra Adams, and Christophe Waerzeggers. The views expressed in this chapter do not necessarily reflect those of the IMF or the Indonesian government.