1. Pursuant to Article V, Section 3(f), the Fund agrees that a participant that requests a purchase under Article V, Section 3, may obtain SDRs in that purchase from the General Resources Account to promote reconstitution under Article XIX, Section 6(a) and Schedule G, paragraph 1(a). The maximum amount of SDRs that may be obtained in this way shall be the sum of (i) the largest single amount most recently notified to the participant under Rule R-3 or calculated for acquisition in the final month of a reconstitution period, taking into account the proposed date of acquisition, (ii) the total amount of any charges to be paid in SDRs to the General Resources Account prior to the next calculation under Rule R-2 and (iii) obligations under Schedule B, paragraphs 1 and 2 that must be discharged in SDRs by the participant prior to the next calculation under Rule R-2. This maximum amount will be reduced by any net acquisition of SDRs other than by way of allocation subsequent to the date of the calculation.