The speeches made by officials attending the IMF–World Bank Annual Meetings are published in this volume, along with the press communiqués issued by the International Monetary and Financial Committee and the Development Committee at the conclusion of the meetings.

Summary Proceedings 1957

Summary Proceedings 1957






  • Introductory Note

  • Address by the President of the United States of America, Dwight D. Eisenhower

  • Opening Address by the Chairman of the Boards of Governors, Miguel Cuaderno, Sr

  • Presentation of the Twelfth Annual Report by the Chairman of the Executive Board and Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Per Jacobsson

  • Discussion of Twelfth Annual Report—Statements by:

    • Governors for:

      • India—T. T. Krishnamachari

      • Bolivia—Santiago Sologuren

      • Greece—Xenophon Zolotas

      • United Kingdom—Peter Thorneycroft

      • Federal Republic of Germany—Hans Karl von Mangoldt-Reiboldt

      • Canada—Donald M. Fleming

      • United States—W. Randolph Burgess

      • Japan—Hisato Ichimada

      • Argentina—Carlos Coll Benegas

      • Dominican Republic—Jose Ernesto Garcia Aybar

      • Yugoslavia—Nenad D. Popovic

      • Australia—Sir Arthur Fadden

      • Italy—Giuseppe Medici

      • Indonesia—Sjafruddin Prawiranegara

      • Iran—Ebrahim Kashani

      • Paraguay—Manuel Gill Morlis

      • Ceylon—Sir Arthur Ranasinha

      • Pakistan—Abdul Qadir

      • Netherlands—M. W. Holtrop

  • Concluding Remarks, Per Jacobsson

  • Reports of the Executive Directors

    • Report No. I—Amendments to the Rules and Regulations

      • Annex I—Amendments to the Rules and Regulations Since the Eleventh Annual Meeting

    • Report No. II—Membership for the United Kingdom of Libya

    • Report No. III—Membership for the Federation of Malaya

    • Report No. IV—Membership for Tunisia

    • Report No. V—Membership for Morocco

    • Report No. VI—Increase in the Quota of El Salvador

    • Report No. VII—Increase in the Quota of Honduras

  • Joint Procedures Committee Reports

    • Report No. 1

      • Annex I—Schedule

      • Annex II—Provisions Relating to the Conduct of the Meeting.

      • Annex III—Agenda

    • Report No. II

    • Report No. IV

  • Resolutions

    • 12-1—Increase in Quota for Israel

    • 12-2—Membership for Ghana

    • 12-3—Increase in Quota for Haiti

    • 12-4—Membership for Saudi Arabia

    • 12-5—Membership for Ireland

    • 12-6—Increase in Quota for Paraguay

    • 12-7—Financial Statements, Report on Audit and Administrative Budget

    • 12-8—Amendments to Rules and Regulations

    • 12-9—Membership for the United Kingdom of Libya

    • 12-10—Membership for the Federation of Malaya

    • 12-11—Membership for Tunisia

    • 12-12—Membership for Morocco

    • 12-13—Increase in the Quota of El Salvador

    • 12-14—Increase in the Quota of Honduras

    • 12-15—Place and Date of Thirteenth Annual Meeting

    • 12-16—Officers of Board of Governors

    • 12-17—Composition of Joint Procedures Committee

  • Selected Addresses Delivered During the Opening Joint Session

    • Governors for:

      • Mexico—Rodrigo Gomez

      • China—Chia-Kan Yen

      • United States—Robert B. Anderson

  • Selected Addresses Delivered During the Closing Joint Session

    • Governors for:

      • France—Wilfrid Baumgartner

      • El Salvador—Carlos J. Canessa

      • Philippines—Eduardo Z. Romualdez

      • Ghana—K. A. Gbedemah

      • Sudan—Hamza Mirghani

  • Attendance at the Twelfth Annual Meeting

    • Members of Delegations

    • Observers

    • Board of Executive Directors

Introductory Note

The Twelfth Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the International Monetary Fund was held jointly with the Board of Governors of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Washington, D. C, from September 23 through September 26, 1957, under the Chairmanship of the Honorable Miguel Cuaderno, Sr., Governor for the Philippines.

These Summary Proceedings of the Fund include the resolutions adopted by the Board of Governors, reports and recommendations of the Joint Procedures Committee and selected addresses delivered at plenary sessions.

Roman L. Horne


International Monetary Fund

Washington, D. C.

December 31, 1957