1. In view of the creation of the Special Disbursement Account (see Article V, Section 12(f)) and the Investment Account (see Article XII, Section 6(f)), it has been thought appropriate to improve the nomenclature relating to the structure of the Fund, without however changing that structure. The General Account is renamed the General Department, and the Special Drawing Account is renamed the Special Drawing Rights Department. The General Department will consist of three Accounts, the General Resources Account, the Special Disbursement Account, and the Investment Account. The resources that are at present held by the Fund for use in the operations and transactions conducted through the General Account will be held in the General Resources Account. These resources are referred to in Article I and elsewhere as the general resources of the Fund. “Profits” on the sale of the Fund’s gold will be held after the date of the second amendment in the Special Disbursement Account for use in accordance with the provisions governing that Account. The resources used for and resulting from investment will be held in the Investment Account. The resources of the three Accounts will be kept separate from each other.