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International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
March 1993
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    Other Statistical Publications of the International Monetary Fund

    International Financial Statistics (IFS)

    Acknowledged as a standard source of statistics on all aspects of international and domestic finance, IFS publishes, for most countries of the world, current data on exchange rates, international liquidity, international banking, money and banking, interest rates, prices, production, international transactions (including balance of payments), government finance, and national accounts. Information is presented in tables for specific countries and in tables for area and world aggregates. IFS is published monthly and annually in English, French, and Spanish. Price: Subscription price is US$218 a year (US$109 to university faculty and students) for twelve monthly issues and the yearbook. Single copy price is US$25 for a monthly issue and US$50 for a yearbook issue.

    Balance of Payments Statistics Yearbook (BOPSY)

    Issued in two parts, this annual publication contains balance of payments data for approximately 140 countries. Part 1 provides aggregated as well as detailed presentations and explanatory notes for countries. Part 2 provides 56 tables of area and world totals of balance of payments components and aggregates. Price: US$56.

    Government Finance Statistics Yearbook (GFSY)

    This annual publication provides detailed data on revenue, grants, expenditure, lending, financing, and debt of central governments and indicates the amounts represented by social security funds and extrabudgetary operations. Also provided are data for state and local governments, information on the institutional units of government, and lists of sources of information. Price: US$54.

    CD-ROM and Tape Subscriptions

    IFS is available on CD-ROM disk and 9-track computer tape. GFSY, BOPSY, and DOTS are available monthly on 9-track computer tape. Price of the CD-ROM: US$1,000 a year for single users (US$500 for additional subscriptions to the same address, and US$350 to university faculty and students); multiple user options are available. Price of a tape subscription (per publication): US$1,850 a year to single users (US$950 to university faculty and students) and US$7,500 a year to time sharers.

    Subscription Packages

    Combined Subscription Package

    The combined subscription package includes all issues of IFS, DOTS, BOPSY, GFSY, and Staff Papers, the Fund’s economic journal. Combined subscription price: US$330 a year (US$165 to university faculty and students).

    Combined Statistical Yearbook Subscription

    This subscription comprises the BOPSY, the GFSY, and the yearbooks to IFS and DOTS at a combined rate of US$133. Because of different publication dates of the four yearbooks, it may take up to one year to service an order.

    Address orders to

    Publication Services, IMF, Washington, DC, USA 20431

    Telephone (202) 623-7430 Telefax (202) 623-7201

    Note: Prices effective 1993; subject to change. Prices include cost of delivery by surface mail. Enhanced delivery is available for an additional charge. Advice on payment in other currencies will be given upon receipt of order.


    Prepared by the Real Sector Division, IMF Statistics Department John B. McLenaghan, Director, Statistics Department Chandrakant A. Patel, Assistant Director in charge of the Real Sector Division

    For information related to this publication, please: fax the Public Affairs Division at (202) 623-6278, or write Public Affairs Division

    International Monetary Fund

    Washington, D.C. 20431 or telephone (202) 623-6180.

    Copyright © 1993, International Monetary Fund

    Direction of Trade Statistics (DOTS): Quarterly issues of DOTS provide, for about 135 countries, tables with current data (or estimates) on the value of imports from and exports to their most important trading partners. In addition, similar summary tables for the world, industrial countries, and developing countries are included. The yearbook provides, for the most recent seven years, detailed trade data by country for approximately 160 countries, the world, and major areas.

    Price: Subscription price of DOTS is US$96 a year (US$48 to university faculty and students), which includes the cost of delivery by surface mail, for the quarterly issues, yearbook, and guide. The price for a quarterly issue is US$20, the yearbook only is US$30, and the guide only is US$12.50. Enhanced delivery is available for an additional charge. Advice on payment in other currencies will be given upon receipt of order. Prices effective 1993; subject to change.

    Address orders to:

    International Monetary Fund

    Attention: Publication Services

    Washington, D.C. 20431


    Telephone (202) 623-7430

    Telefax (202) 623-7201

    ISSN 0252-306X

    ISBN 9781451948431


    The Guide to Direction of Trade Statistics (the Guide) deals with the compilation and presentation of export and import data by partner country as published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF or the Fund) in Direction of Trade Statistics (DOTS). The Guide is primarily intended for users of the Fund’s direction of trade statistics data base. National compilers of statistics on trade by country may also derive some benefit from the Guide.

    In 1987, a draft of the Guide, in English, was circulated to correspondents in member countries who provide information for International Financial Statistics (IFS) and DOTS to the Fund’s Statistics Department. Since then, the data base for direction of trade statistics (the data base) has been converted to an upgraded data management system with new features and capabilities. In addition, direction of trade statistics publications have been modified in periodicity and expanded in coverage. The 1993 revision of the Guide encompasses these new developments.

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