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International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
January 2001
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Press Releases


01/34: IMF Approves Second Annual PRGF Arrangement for Mali, July 26

News Briefs

01/58: Jack Boorman Named IMF Counsellor, July 13

01/59: Albania: Final Loan of $6 Million Under PRGF, July 13

01/60: Gabon: First and Second Review Under Stand-By Arrangement, July 13

01/61: The Gambia: $4 Million Disbursement Under PRGF, July 13

01/62: Cameroon: $20 Million Disbursement Under PRGF, July 16

01/63: Cambodia: $10.5 Million Credit Under PRGF, July 18

01/64: Switzerland Increases Support for IMF Technical Assistance in Five Central Asian Countries, July 19

01/65: Lesotho: $4 Million Disbursement Under PRGF, July 20

Public Information Notices

01/65: Dominica, July 13

01/66: Burkina Faso, July 16

01/67: Trinidad and Tobago, July 17

01/68: Russian Post-Program Monitoring, July 18

01/69: Grenada, July 20

01/70: Democratic Republic of the Congo, July 20

01/71: Czech Republic, July 25

01/72: Cameroon, July 26


IMF Managing Director Horst Köhler, “A Global Partnership for African Economic Development,” United Nations Economic and Social Council, Geneva, July 16 (see page 245)


Press Conference on the IMF’s 2001 International Capital Markets report, July 12 (see page 252)

Press Briefings, Thomas Dawson, External Relations Department Director, July 13, July 25

Conference call with journalists (on program for Turkey), IMF First Deputy Managing Director Stanley Fischer, July 13

Letters of Intent and Memorandums of Economic and Financial Policies*

Turkey, July 12

Tajikistan, July 16

Cameroon, July 24

Lesotho, July 24

Concluding Remarks for Article IV Consultations*

France, July 11

IMF Factsheets

Social Impact Analysis of Economic Policies, July 19*

Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes*

Czech Republic, July 25


Quarterly Report on the Assessments of Standards and Codes, Issue 1, July 12*

2001 International Capital Markets report (advance copy), July 12 (see page 252)

IMF Financial Activities, July 13,

IMF Financial Activities, July 20

Investor Relations Programs: Report of the Capital Markets Consultative Group (CMCG) Working Group on Creditor-Debtor Relations, July 20*

* Date posted

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