Journal Issue

Index 1992 Volume 29

International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
January 1992
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Masood Ahmed & Lawrence Summers, A Tenth Anniversary Report on the Debt Crisis, September p. 2

Jahangir Amuzegar, OPEC and a New Oil Order, September p. 30

Rosemary Bellew, Laura Raney, & K. Subbarao, Educating Girls, March p. 54

Gita Bhatt, Remote Sensing in Economic Development, June p. 45

Robert Blake, Challenges for Global Agricultural Research, March p. 30

Mario Blejer & Adrienne Cheasty, How to Measure the Fiscal Deficit, September p. 40

Eduardo Borensztein & Peter Montiel, When Will Eastern Europe Catch Up with the West?, September p. 21

James Boughton, The CFA Franc: Zone of Fragile Stability in Africa, December p. 34

John Briscoe, Poverty and Water Supply: How to Move Forward, December p. 16

Rodolfo Bulatao, Family Planning: The Unfinished Revolution, December p. 5

Michel Comdessus, Reflections on the IMF, March p. 3

Marta Castello-Branco & Mark Swinburne, Central independence, March p. 19

Stijn Claessens, How Can Developing Countries Heuge Their Bets?, September p. 13

John Clark & Eliot Kalter, Recent Innovations in Debt Restructuring, September p. 6

Kevin Cleaver & Götz Schreiber, Population, Agriculture, and the Environment in Africa, June p. 34

Jaime de Melo & Arvind Panagariya, The New Regionalism, December p. 37

Mario de Zamaróczy, The Reform of Senegal’s Banking System, March p. 14

Mohamed El-Erian, Voluntary Market Financing for Latin America, March p. 38

Gunnar Eskeland, Attacking Air Pollution in Mexico City, December p. 28

Robert Flood, What is “Policy Switching”? September p. 33

Przemyslaw Gajdeczka, Assessing a Country’s Debt Burden, March p. 44

Paul Glewwe & Gillette Hall, Unorthodox Adjustment and Poverty in Peru, December p. 10

Padma Gotur, Bangladesh: Tackling the Problem of Poverty, June p. 38

Pablo Guidotti & Manmohan Kumar, Managing Domestic Public Debt, September p. 9

Sanjeev Gupta & Karim Nashashibi, The Fiscal Dimensions of Adjustment, September p. 36

Karl Habermeier & Horst Ungerer, A Single Currency for the European Community, September p. 26

Daniel Hardy & Dubravko Mihaljek, Economic Policymaking in a Federation, June p. 14

Gordon Hughes, Cleaning Up Eastern Europe, September p. 16

Donald Keesing & Andrew Singer, Why Official Export Promotion Fails, March p. 52

Miguel Kiguel & Nissan Liviatan, Progress Report on Heterodox Stabilization Programs, March p. 22

Thomas Klein, Innovations in Debt Relief: The Paris Club, March p. 42

Desmond Lachman, South Africa’s Economic Challenges, June p. 6

Timothy Lane, Transforming Poland’s Economy, June p. 10

Bjorn Larsen & Anwar Shah, Combatting the “Greenhouse Effect,”December p. 20

Claire Liuksila, Colombia: Economic Adjustment and the Poor, June p. 40

Donald Mathieson & Liliana Rojas-Suarez, Liberalizing the Capital Account, December p. 41

Ali Mazrui, The Economic Woman in Africa, June p. 42

Mohan Munasinghe & Kenneth King, Protecting the Ozone Layer, June p. 24

Saleh Nsouli, Peter Cornelius, & Andreas Georgiou, Striving for Currency Convertibility in North Africa, December p. 44

Selcuk Ozgediz, Managing the CGIAR, March p. 32

Guy Pfeffermann, Facilitating Foreign Investment, March p. 46

Kerri Wright Platais & Michael Collinson, Biotechnology and the Developing World, March p. 34

Lewis T. Preston, Responding to the Development Challenge, June p. 2

George Psacharopoulos & Carolyn Winter, Women’s Employment and Pay in Latin America, December p. 14

Michael Replogle, Bicycles, Rickshaws, and Carts in Asian Cities, September p. 46

Joanne Salop, Reducing Poverty: Spreading the Word, December p. 2

Stephan Schmidheiny, The Business of Sustainable Development, December p. 24

Luis Serven & Andrés Solimano, Economic Adjustment and Private Investment, September p. 43

Narendra Sharma & Raymond Rowe, Managing the World’s Forests, June p. 31

John Shilling, Reflections on Debt and the Environment, June p. 28

Andrew Steer, The Environment for Development, June p. 18; and The Road from Rio, September p. 20

Lawrence Summers, The Challenges of Development, March p. 6

V. Sundararajan, Central Banking Reforms in Formerly Planned Economies, March p. 10

Grant Taplin, Revitalizing UNCTAD, June p. 36

Ranjit Teja, Crisis, Recovery, and Transformation in India, December p. 31

Peter Uimonen, Trade Policies and the Environment, June p. 26

Alexander von der Osten-Sacken, New Direction for the CGIAR, March p. 26

Laura Wallace, MIGA: Up and Running, March p. 48

Chorng-Huey Wong, Reform of Monetary Policy Instruments, March p. 16

Environmental Problems and Developing Countries, June p. 22

Population Patterns: Components of Change December p. 9

Republics of the Former USSR: Vital Statistic September p. 24

Women in the Workplace in Developing Countries, June p. 44

World Economy in Transition: Recent Trends in FDI for the Developing World, March p. 50

Book Reviews

Isher Judge Ahluwalia, Productivity and Growth in Indian Manufacturing, reviewed by Ashok Lahiri, December

Jagdish Bhagwati, The World Trading System at Risk, reviewed by Patrick Low, March; and Political Economy and International Economics, reviewed by Charles Collyns, June

A.J.C. Britton, Macroeconomic Policy in Britain: 1974–87, reviewed by Hugh Bredenkamp, December

Richard Cooper, Economic Stabilization and Debt in Developing Countries, reviewed by Richard Haas, December

Rudiger Dornbusch and Sebastian Edwards, editors, The Macroeconomics of Populism in Latin America, reviewed by Guy Pfeffermann, September

Jeffry Frieden, Debt, Development, and Democracy, reviewed by Claudio Loser, June

Alberto Giovannini and Colin Mayer, editors, European Financial Integration, reviewed by Manuel Guitián, June

Bimal Jalan, India’s Economic Crisis—The Way Ahead, reviewed by Deepak Lai, September

Miroslav Jovanovic, International Economic Integration, reviewed by Michael Spencer, September

Azizur Rahman Khan and Rehman Sobhan, editors, Trade, Planning and Rural Development, reviewed by K. Subbarao, March

Paul Krugman, Geography and Trade, reviewed by William Easterly, December

David Laidler, Taking Money Seriously, reviewed by James Boughton, March

Robert Lawrence and Charles Schultze, editors, An American Trade Strategy—Options for the 1990s, reviewed by Patrick Low, March

Karen Lissakers, Banks, Borrowers and the Establishment, reviewed by Claudio Loser, June

Warwick McKibbin and Jeffrey Sachs, Global Linkages, reviewed by Steve Symansky, June

Ronald McKinnon, The Order of Economic Liberalization, reviewed by John Odling-Smee, September

Gerald M. Meier, editor, Politics and Policy Making in Developing Countries, reviewed by W. Max Corden, June

Paul Mosley, Jane Harrigan, and John Toye, and Power: The World Bank and Policy-based Lending, reviewed by Richard Feinberg, June

Karen Mingst, Politics and the African Development Bank, reviewed by Stephen O’Brien, March

Peter Morici, editor, Making Free Trade Work reviewed by Patrick Low, March

Alan Oxley, The Challenge of Free Trade, reviewed by Patrick Low, March

Michael Roemer and Christine Jones, Markets in Developing Countries, reviewed by Alan Tait September

Georg Sorenson, Democracy, Dictatorship and Development, reviewed by Coralie Bryant September

Roger Stone, The Nature of Development, reviewed by Bahram Nowzad, December

Paul Volcker and Toyoo Gyohten, Change Fortunes, reviewed by Charles Dallara, December

E. Roy Weintraub, Stabilizing Dynamics, reviewed by Shahid Yusuf, June

L. Alan Winters and Anthony Venables, editorsEuropean Integration, reviewed by Manuel Guitián June

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