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International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
December 1981
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Finance & Development

Adapting extension work to poorer agricultural areas John RussellJune30
The Brandt Commission and international monetary issues Augustus W. HookeJune22
Bringing the poor into the growth process: the case of Brazil Peter T. Knight and Ricardo MoranDecember22
Channeling limited resources for the greatest impact Balwant S. GarchaDecember6
Clothes for export: not Made in Colombia David MorawetzMarch29
Conditionality and the use of Fund resources: Jamaica G. Russell KincaidJune18
The consultation process of the Fund Eduard BrauDecember13
Creating the right environment for small firmsDecember33
Determinants of exchange rate movements: a review Andrew CrockettMarch33
Development perspectives and priorities in sub-Saharan AfricaMarch16
Evaluating the Bank’s development projects Mervyn L. WeinerMarch38
The Fund and adjustment policies in Africa S. Kanesa-ThasanSeptember20
Fund conditionality and the international adjustment process: the changing environment of the 1970s Manuel GuitiánMarch8
Fund conditionality and the international adjustment process: a look into the 1980s Manuel GuitiánJune14
Inflation and the external debt of developing countries G. Russell KincaidDecember45
Infrastructure: doing more with less Christopher R. WilloughbyDecember30
Is the introduction of a value-added tax inflationary? Alan TaitJune38
Issues in economic diversification for the oil-rich countries Rudolf HablützelJune10
Japan’s adjustment to the increased cost of energy Walter R. MahlerDecember26
Keynes and the Articles of the Fund (review article) Joseph GoldSeptember38
Latin America and the Caribbean: a medium-term outlook Carlos E. SansónSeptember34
Lessons from the field: rural development in West Africa Owaise Saadat and Francis van GigchDecember37
The McNamara years William ClarkJune6
Meeting the social contract in Egypt Khalid IkramSeptember30
Monetary integration in developing countries Saleh M. NsouliDecember41
Natural rubber: a better future? Enzo R. GrilliJune25
The origins of weighted voting power in the FundMarch25
Promoting private investment: the role of the International Finance Corporation Carl BellSeptember16
The prospects for the developing world: a review of recent forecasts Shahid Javed BurkiMarch20
Prospects for recycling oil surpluses by the international capital marketsMarch13
Public policy and the private sector Barend A. de VriesSeptember11
The quest for successful adjustment in the world economy Avinash BhagwatDecember10
The role of the Fund in recyclingMarch12
Stabilization policy in Portugal, 1974-78 Brian C. StuartSeptember25
Structural adjustment lending: early experience Pierre M. Landell-MillsDecember17
Technical assistance from the Fund: Central Banking Department P. N. KaulJune34
World Development Report 1981—principal themesSeptember6
Book noticesIssuePage
Baumol, William J. (editor), Public and Private Enterprise in a Mixed Economy Reviewed by Rudolf HablützelMarch41
Blackhurst, Richard and Jan Tumlir, Trade Relations Under Flexible Exchange Rates Reviewed by Morris GoldsteinJune43
Esposito, John L. (editor), Islam and Development Religion and Sociopolitical Change: Reviewed by Selçuk ÖzgedizSeptember43
Feldstein, Martin (editor), The American Economy in Transition Reviewed by George M. von FürstenbergDecember49
Gillis, Malcolm and Ralph E. Beals, Tax and Investment Policies for Hard Minerals: Public and Multinational Enterprises in Indonesia Reviewed by Sayeed SadeqDecember50
Hewlett, Sylvia Ann, The Cruel Dilemmas of Development Reviewed by Jack SweeneyJune43
International Institute for Labor Studies, Islam and a New International Economic Order: The Social Dimension Reviewed by Selçuk ÖzgedizSeptember43
Malinvaud, Edmond, Profitability and Unemployment Reviewed by Liaquat AhamedSeptember43
Moore, Geoffrey H., Business Cycles, Inflation, and Forecasting Reviewed by Michael C. DepplerSeptember42
Radian, Alex, Resource Mobilization in Poor Countries—Implementing Tax Policies Reviewed by Vito TanziJune44
Thorp, Rosemary and Lawrence Whitehead (editors)Inflation and Stabilization in Latin America Reviewed by Jan van HoutenMarch41
Woodard, Kim, The International Energy Relations of China Reviewed by George B. BaldwinDecember49

Statistical Yearbooks of the International Monetary Fund

The 1981 yearbooks for all four statistical publications of the International Monetary Fund are now available. Regular subscriptions to the individual publications include the yearbooks, which may also be purchased through a combined statistical yearbook package, at a combined rate of US$32.00.*

International Financial Statistics (IFS) is a standard source of statistics on all aspects of domestic and international finance. The latest yearbook, published in September 1981, reports up to 30 years of annual data (1951-80) for some 125 countries. Its contents and format are consistent with the monthly issues of IFS, which report the available monthly, quarterly, and annual data for the most current years. Single copies of the yearbook are US$10.00; full subscriptions to IFS (12 monthly issues, two topical supplements, and the yearbook) are US$35.00.

Balance of Payments Statistics (BOPS) brings together balance of payments statistics for about 110 countries that report their data to the Fund. The latest BOPS yearbook, published toward the end of 1981, is issued in two parts. Part I provides data for each country covered, for the eight years ended 1980, plus tables containing additional details and descriptive notes. Part II presents topical tables that aggregate these standardized and internationally comparable statistics by areas and for the world. Single copies of the two-part yearbook are US$8.00; full subscriptions to BOPS (12 monthly issues plus the yearbook) are US$26.00.

Direction of Trade Statistics (DOTS) provides data on the country and area distribution of all countries’ exports and imports. The latest yearbook, published in July 1981, reports seven years of annual data (1974-80) for 155 countries and two sets of world and area summary tables. Single copies of the yearbook are US$6.00; full subscriptions to DOTS (12 monthly issues plus the yearbook) are US$21.00.

The Government Finance Statistics Yearbook provides detailed data on revenue, grants, expenditure, lending, financing, and debt of central governments, and indicates the amounts represented by social security funds and extrabudgetary operations. Summary data are given for state and local governments. The Yearbook also lists the various parts of governments, the enterprises and financial institutions they own and control, and the national sources of data. Comparative data by country and area are shown in world tables. Volume V, published in August 1981, contains information for 123 countries, with up to ten years of data extending through 1979 or 1980 for most countries. The price of the Yearbook is US$13.00.

Special rates for the Fund’s statistical publications are available to university libraries, faculty, and students. Each statistical publication of the Fund is also available in machine readable form. Prices are quoted in U.S. dollars, but payment may be made in other currencies. To subscribe or for further information, write to or telephone:

Attention: Publications Unit, International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC 20431, U.S.A., Area Code 202 477-2945

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