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March 1966
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Development Planning: Lessons of Experience by Albert Waterston

A two-part comparative study that assesses the results of planning experience in more than 100 mixed-economy and socialized countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Part I describes and analyzes the process in the countries under review, with special emphasis on the problems of implementing development plans. Part II deals with organizational and administrative structures and functions. Theoretical information is included, but the approach is essentially pragmatic.

Appendices contain a comprehensive listing of national development plans, a list of central planning agencies and their addresses, and a bibliography on development planning.

The author is Advisor on Planning Organization in the Development Services Department of the World Bank. He is also the author of Planning in Pakistan, Planning in Yugoslavia, and Planning in Morocco, and coauthor of The Economic Development of Mexico. The U.S. edition is priced at $10.75, the English edition at 86s. 0d.

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International Liquidity and the Balance of Payments Oscar L. Altman

Seasonality in World Financial and Trade Data J. B. Gupta

Effects of Exchange-Rate Devaluations and Revaluations on Receipts from Tourism Andreas S. Gerakis

The Call Money Market in France Hannan Ezekiel

The Economy of Togo U Tun Wai, Edwin L. Bornemann, Michel M. Martin, and Pierre E. Berthe

The International Monetary Fund, 1962-1965: A Selected Bibliography Martin L. Loftus

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