Introduction: JSA Annual Report Fiscal Year 2003

International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
March 2004
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In 1990, Japan agreed to provide financial support for the IMF’s technical assistance to its member countries to strengthen their capacity to formulate, implement, and maintain macroeconomic and structural adjustment programs. Since then, Japan has been, and continues to be, the largest contributor to the IMF’s technical assistance (TA) activities.1 Japan’s contributions are provided through the “Japan Administered Account for Selected Fund Activities” (JSA).2 In addition, Japan also finances two scholarship programs, one under the JSA and the other under a separate account, the “Subaccount for Japan Advanced Scholarship Program.”

This report consists of a brief description of the IMF and its activities, with a particular focus on its technical assistance activities. The report provides greater detail with regard to the JSA and the scholarship programs. It describes the objectives, size and scope, and use with a focus on fiscal year 2003.3

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