Appendix III. Changes in Membership of Executive Board

International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
September 1970
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Changes in the membership of the Executive Board between May 1, 1969 and April 30, 1970 were as follows:

E. W. Maude (United Kingdom) resigned as Executive Director for the United Kingdom, effective November 6, 1969.

Derek Mitchell (United Kingdom) was appointed Executive Director by the United Kingdom, effective November 7, 1969.

Guy Huntrods (United Kingdom), formerly Alternate Executive Director to E. W. Maude (United Kingdom), was appointed Alternate Executive Director to Derek Mitchell (United Kingdom), effective November 7, 1969.

John S. Hooker (United States), Alternate Executive Director to William B. Dale (United States), retired, effective March 31, 1970.

The following served at certain times during 1969/70 as Temporary Alternate Executive Directors to the Executive Directors indicated:

Temporary AlternateExecutive Director for whom
Executive DirectorTemporary Alternate Served
Michel Bako (Chad)Antoine W. Yaméogo (Upper Volta)
Horacio Bobadilla (Guatemala)Alfredo Phillips O. (Mexico)
Angel R. Caram (Argentina)Luis Escobar (Chile)
Jean P. Carrière (France)Georges Plescoff (France)
J. M. Chona (India)B. K. Madan (India)
Ian A. Craik (United Kingdom)E. W. Maude (United Kingdom)
Derek Mitchell (United Kingdom)
Daniel Fernández (Argentina)Luis Escobar (Chile)
Dieter Frommel (Germany)Guenther Schleminger (Germany)
Brian Jensen (Peru)Alexandre Kafka (Brazil)
Juan Moro (Spain)Francesco Palamenghi-Crispi (Italy)
Carlos G. Muñiz (Nicaragua)Alfredo Phillips O. (Mexico)
Riccardo Patti (Italy)Francesco Palamenghi-Crispi (Italy)
Adelio Pipino (Chile)Luis Escobar (Chile)
H. G. Schneider (Austria)André van Campenhout (Belgium)
Johan Skutle (Norway)Eero Asp (Finland)
J. A. Sogo (Nigeria)Leonard A. Williams (Trinidad and
Hugo Spechar (Bolivia)Luis Escobar (Chile)
Pieter Stek (Netherlands)Pieter Lieftinck (Netherlands)
Willy Stoop (Belgium)André van Campenhout (Belgium)
Atmono Surjo (Indonesia)Byanti Kharmawan (Indonesia)
G. F. Taylor (Australia)J. O. Stone (Australia)
Norio Tsukagoshi (Japan)Hideo Suzuki (Japan)
Jean R. Vallet (France)Georges Plescoff (France)
John C. C. Yuan (China)Beue Tann (China)

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