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Front Matter

Rabah Arezki, and Akito Matsumoto
Published Date:
September 2017
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    Shifting Commodity Markets in a Globalized World


    Rabah Arezki and Akito Matsumoto

    Note to Readers

    This is an excerpt from Shifting Commodity Markets in a Globalized World edited by Rabah Arezki and Akito Matsumoto.

    Technology, demography, policies, and institutions are some of the forces that affect commodities such as energy resources, metals, and food. This book, based on research in the Commodities Unit of the IMF’s Research Department, explores the interplay of these various forces across different commodities markets. Readers will find rich and coherent analysis of the forces driving commodity markets over the medium run and their interaction with the global economy.

    This collection of IMF research takes a fresh look at the many issues affecting commodity markets by drawing lessons from recent historical developments including the collapse in oil prices and the Paris climate accord. Chapters discuss how technological innovation shapes commodity prices and how the innovation cycle is intimately linked to oil prices. The book discusses the importance of technological evolution and the domestic and international implications of the climate accord in shaping the energy transition from fossil fuels to clean(er) energy. They also document how demand for metals shifted from “West” to “East” while supply shifted from “North” to “South.”

    This excerpt is taken from uncorrected page proofs. Please check quotations and attributions against the final published volume.

    Shifting Commodity Markets in a Globalized World

    edited by Rabah Arezki and Akito Matsumoto

    ISBN: 978-1-48431-032-8

    Pub. Date: Fall 2017

    Formats: Digital; Paperback, 6x9 in., pp.256

    Price: US$25

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