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International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
December 1978
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    (*indicates Decision as amended)


    General Resources Account:
    Adjustment of currency holdings of members5590-(77/163)47
    Exchange rate for Fund computations5590-(77/163)47
    Purchase of SDRs for payment of charges5702-(78/39) G/S46
    Transfer of special drawing rights to participants to promote reconstitution5699-(78/38) G/S80
    Subsidy Account:
    Amendment of decision after date of Second Amendment5694-(78/35)40
    Annual review and payment for fiscal year 19765144-(76/102) SA38
    Annual review and payment for fiscal year 19775425-(77/79) SA38
    Annual review and rate of subsidy for financial year 19785726-(78/59) SA39
    Adjustment process, international, review5392-(77/63)7
    Articles of Agreement:1
    Article III, Section 2(a), general review of quotasB/G Res. 34-292
    Article IV, exchange arrangements5392-(77/63)9
    Article IV, Section 3, surveillance over exchange rate policies5392-(77/63)6
    Article V, Section 1, borrowing arrangements*1289-(62/1)56
    Article V, Section 3, application of Fund policies to purchases of currency borrowed by Fund*1289-(62/1)53
    purchase of SDRs to promote reconstitution5699-(78/38) G/S80
    Article V, Section 3(b) (iii), waiver5508-(77/127)24
    Article V, Section 3(d), sale of members’ currencies for repurchases5704-(78/39)42
    Article V, Section 6, purchase of SDRs by participants to promote reconstitution5699-(78/38) G/S80
    Article V, Section 7, repurchases*1289-(62/1)53
    Article V, Section 1(b), early repurchases5704-(78/39)41
    Article V, Section 8, media of payment of charges5702-(78/39) G/S46
    Article V, Section 8(b), charges5546-(77/138)11,13,17
    Article V, Section 11, adjustment of Fund’s holdings of members’ currencies5590-(77/163)48
    Article VII,2 replenishment of Fund’s holdings of currencies5508-(77/127)19
    Article VII, Section 1, borrowing by Fund*1289-(62/1)49
    Article VIII, consultations5392-(77/63)9
    Article VIII, Section 3, multiple currency practices5712-(78/41)5
    Article VIII, Section 7, special drawing rightsB/G Res. 34-3105
    Article XIV, consultations5392-(77/63)9
    Article XV, Section 2, valuation of special drawing right5718-(78/46) G/S78
    Article XVIII, allocation of special drawing rightsB/G Res. 34-3103
    Article XIX, Section 6, reconstitution5699-(78/38) G/S80
    Article XIX, Section 7(a), calculation of exchange rates*1289-(62/1)56
    Article XXII, special drawing rightsB/G Res. 34-3105
    Article XXV, Section 6(b),2 rules for reconstitutionB/G Res. 33-191
    Article XXVI, Section 3, borrowing arrangements*1289-(62/1)57
    Article XXVII, borrowing arrangements*1289-(62/1)57
    Article XXVII(a) (i),2 rules for reconstitutionB/G Res. 33-191
    Article XXX(c), exclusion of special facilities5508-(77/127)24
    Article XXX(f), freely usable currencies5719-(78/46)83
    Schedule B, repurchases5699-(78/38) G/S80
    Schedule E, paragraph 125288-(76/167)62
    Schedule G, paragraph 1(a), reconstitution5699-(78/38) G/S80
    Schedule J*1289-(62/1)57
    Schedule K*1289-(62/1)57
    Augmentation; see Stand-by arrangements
    BBank for International Settlements, Trust Fund deposits denominated in SDRs5973-(78/189) TR87
    Agreement with Swiss National Bank:
    Interest, media of payment5331-(77/15)66
    Transfer charges, media of payment5306-(77/2)66
    General Arrangements to Borrow, amendment to conform with Second Amendment of Articles*1289-(62/1)49
    Oil facility:
    Media of repayments5441-(77/84)67
    Transferability of claims5974-(78/190)67
    Buffer stock financing facility:
    1977 International Sugar Agreement5597-(77/171)35
    Exclusion of purchases and holdings for purpose of definition of “reserve tranche purchase”5591-(77/163)82
    Fifth International Tin Agreement5127-(76/91)34
    Borrowing agreements with Swiss National Bank5288-(76/167)59
    Decreases in Fund’s holdings of a currency5700-(78/38)46
    General Arrangements to Borrow#1289-(62/1)53
    Media of payment5702-(78/39) G/S46
    Payment by nonparticipant in Special Drawing Rights Department5702-(78/39) G/S46
    Supplementary financing facility5508-(77/127)24
    Commodity agreements; see Buffer stock financing facility
    Compensatory financing of export fluctuations:
    Review, amendment of decision5348-(77/33)18
    Review when drawings in 12-month period exceed stated amount5088-(76/77)18
    Consultations with members:
    Changes in member’s exchange policy without notification to Fund5712-(78/41)5
    Conduct by Managing Director in interval between Article IV consultations5392-(77/63)10
    Consultations under Article IV5392-(77/63)9
    Special consultations5392-(77/63)9
    Currencies (see also Holdings of the Fund):
    Composition of special drawing right5718-(78/46) G/S78
    Freely usable currencies5719-(78/46)83
    Rates for computations and maintenance of value5590-(77/163)47
    Replenishment in connection with supplementary financing facility5509-(77/127)70
    Selection for payment of charges5702-(78/39) G/S46
    Selection for purchases and repurchases under stand-by and extended arrangements5546-(77/138)13,16
    Selection from operational budget to promote reconstitution5699-(78/38) G/S80
    Specified by the Fund, use in repurchases5703-(78/39)44
    EExchange arrangements, notification5392-(77/63)9
    Exchange rates:
    Exchange rate policies of members, principles for guidance5392-(77/63)7
    Flexible exchange arrangements5712-(78/41)4
    Notification to Fund5392-(77/63)9
    Pegs, notification to Fund of changes5712-(78/41)4
    Exchange taxes, notification to Fund5712-(78/41)5
    Exchange transactions (see also Use of Fund’s resources):
    Purchases under buffer stock financing facility5127-(76/91)34
    Purchases under extended Fund facility5508-(77/127)21
    Purchases under stand-by arrangements5508-(77/127)21
    Purchases under supplementary financing facility5508-(77/127)21, 24
    Use of special drawing rights5546-(77/138)11
    Executive Board:
    Annual review of implementation of surveillance over members’ exchange rate policies5392-(77/63)10
    Communication of changes in members’ exchange arrangements5712-(78/41)5
    Information on operation of buffer stocks5127-(76/91)35
    Notice of repayments under oil facility5441-(77/84)67
    Report by Managing Director on discussion with member on exchange rate policies5392-(77/63)10
    Review of broad developments in exchange rates5392-(77/63)9
    Review of functioning of international adjustment process5392-(77/63)7
    Review of reconstitutionB/G Res. 33-191
    Extended arrangements:
    Augmentation of rights to make purchases, elimination5706-(78/39)17
    Provision for supplementary financing5508-(77/127)19
    Review of decision on extended Fund facility5220-(76/144)19
    Text before and after Second Amendment5546-(77/138)11
    Text to be used for supplementary financing facility5585-(77/161)25
    Extended Fund facility; see Extended arrangements
    FFreely usable currencies5719-(78/46)83
    GGeneral Arrangements to Borrow*1289-(62/1)49
    Repurchase obligations, discharge by payment in SDRs or currencies of other members specified by Fund5703-(78/39)43
    Sale for benefit of developing members, distribution of profits through Trust Fund5709-(78/41) TR86
    5832-(78/95) TR86
    Gold tranche, references5546-(77/138)11
    HHoldings of the Fund:
    Adjustment by Fund5590-(77/163)47
    Attribution of reductions to repurchase obligations5705-(78/39)45
    Computations and adjustment, rates5590-(77/163)47
    Decreases, application of charges5700-(78/38)46
    Exclusion under buffer stock facility5591-(77/163)82
    Exclusion under oil facility5371-(77/51)82
    Replenishment in connection with supplementary financing facility5509-(77/127)70
    Payment on Fund indebtedness to Swiss National Bank5288-(76/167)61
    Payment on Fund indebtedness under General Arrangements to Borrow*1289-(62/1)53
    Payment of interest on transferred claim under oil facility5974-(78/190)68
    Payment under supplementary financing facility5509-(77/127), Annex73
    Payments by members under Trust Fund loan agreements5454-(77/90) TR85
    5610-(77/175) TR85
    5827-(78/91) TR86
    Interim Committee, review of functioning of international adjustment process5392-(77/63)7
    International Sugar and Tin Agreements; see Buffer stock financing facility
    MManaging Director:
    Arrangements for repayments of borrowing under oil facility5441-(77/84)67
    Consultation by member before making request under supplementary financing facility5508-(77/127)20
    Consultation with members when notice of exchange policy change not received5712-(78/41)5
    Discussions with members on exchange policies5392-(77/63)9
    Placement of Trust Fund investments in SDR-denominated deposits5973-(78/189) TR87
    Proposal for allocation of SDRs for third basic periodB/G Res. 34-3103
    Proposals for calls under General Arrangements to Borrow*1289-(62/1)52
    Proposals for Trust Fund investments5973-(78/189) TR87
    Selection of currencies for payment of charges5702-(78/39) G/S46
    Selection of currencies to promote reconstitution5699-(78/38) G/S80
    Multiple currency practices, prior Fund approval5712-(78/41)5
    NNonmetropolitan territories, notification of exchange arrangements5712-(78/41)3
    OOil facility:
    Exclusion of purchases for purpose of definition of “reserve tranche purchase”5371-(77/51)82
    Media of repayments of borrowing5441-(77/84)67
    Transferability of claims5974-(78/190)67
    PParticipants in Special Drawing Rights Department, transfer of SDRs held in General Resources Account5699-(78/38) G/S80
    QQuotas, increases under Seventh General ReviewB/G Res. 34-292
    RReconstitution; see Special drawing rights, Reconstitution
    Replenishment; see Holdings of the Fund
    Attribution of reductions in Fund’s holdings of currencies5705-(78/39)45
    Buffer stock facility, 1977 International Sugar Agreement5597-(77/171)37
    Early, summary of guidelines5704-(78/39)41
    Obligations that accrued in gold5809-(78/88)45
    Obligations to pay gold, payment with SDRs or currencies of other members5703-(78/39)43
    Resulting from purchases under stand-by and extended arrangements after October 1, 19775546-(77/138)11
    Stand-by and extended arrangements after date of Second Amendment5546-(77/138)11
    Supplementary financing facility5508-(77/127)23
    Use of special drawing rights5546-(77/138)11
    Reserve tranche; see Use of Fund’s resources
    Rule G-1* 1289-(62/1)56
    Rule 1-4 (b), charges5700-(78/38)46
    Rule 1-7, charges5700-(78/38)46
    Rule 0-2, determination of exchange rate* 1289-(62/1)56
    Rule O-335288-(76/167)60
    Rule R-25699-(78/38) G/S80
    Rule R-35699-(78/38) G/S80
    SSpecial drawing rights:
    Allocation for third basic periodB/G 34-3103
    Change in method of valuation, effect on claims under supplementary financing facility5509-(77/127), Annex75
    Method of valuation5718-(78/46) G/S78
    Purchases and repurchases under stand-by and extended arrangements5546-(77/138)11,16
    Reduction in minimum average holdings of SDRs5936-(78/168) S81
    ReviewB/G Res. 33-191
    Transfer of SDRs held in General Resources Account to participants to promote5699-(78/38)G/S80
    SDR-denominated deposits with Bank for International Settlements5973-(78/189) TR87
    Use in drawings and repurchases5546-(77/138)11
    Use in payment of charges5702-(78/39) G/S46
    Use in payment of transferred claims under oil facility5974-(78/190)69
    Valuation for use in borrowing arrangements*1289-(62/1)56
    Stabilization of prices of primary products, Fund facility, repurchases (see also Buffer stock financing facility)5703-(78/39)43
    Stand-by arrangements:
    Augmentation of rights to make purchases, elimination5706-(78/39)17
    Provision for supplementary financing5508-(77/127)19
    Text before and after Second Amendment5546-(77/138)11
    Text to be used for supplementary financing facility5585-(77/161)25
    Subsidies, members’ actions, notification to Fund5712-(78/41)5
    Subsidy Account; see Accounts, Subsidy Account
    Supplementary financing facility:
    Implementation: text of stand-by and extended arrangements5585-(77/161)25
    No provision for augmentation of rights to purchase5706-(78/39)17
    Replenishment of Fund’s holdings of currencies5509-(77/127)70
    Surveillance over Exchange Rate Policies5392-(77/63)5
    Swiss National Bank, borrowing agreements with Fund5288-(76/167)59
    Transfer charges and interest, media of payment5306-(77/2)66
    TTrust Fund:
    Distribution of profits from sale of gold for benefit of developing countries5709-(78/41) TR86
    Diversification of investments5972-(78/189)85
    5973-(78/189) TR87
    Eligible members, review of list5563-(77/150) TR84
    Final payments of profits and loans for period July 1, 1976-June 30, 19785832-(78/95) TR86
    Instrument, amendment5563-(77/150) TR84
    Means of payment of interest5454-(77/90) TR85
    5610-(77/175) TR85
    5827-(78/91) TR86
    UUnited States dollars, use for payment of interest and other Fund liabilities5288-(76/167)62
    5454-(77/90) TR85
    5610-(77/175) TR86
    5827-(78/91) TR86
    Use of Fund’s resources (see also Exchange transactions; Repurchases):
    Credit tranche policies, application under supplementary financing facility5508-(77/127)20,24
    Reserve tranche purchase, exclusion of special facilities5371-(77/51)82
    Reserve tranche, references5546-(77/138)11
    Stand-by and extended arrangements before and after Second Amendment5546-(77/138)11
    WWaivers of Article V, Section 3(b) (iii)5508-(77/127)24
    World Economic Outlook, framework for discussions of international adjustment process5392-(77/63)9

    References are to the Second Amendment of the Articles of Agreement, which entered into force April 1, 1978, unless indicated otherwise.

    Refers to Articles of Agreement, as amended effective July 28, 1969, before entry into force of the Second Amendment.

    Corresponds to Rule 0-2 in Fund’s Rules and Regulations, Thirty-Fifth Issue, July 1, 1978.

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