The IMF and the Force of History: Events That Have Shaped the Global Institution

Former IMF historian James Boughton reviews key events that have shaped the International Monetary Fund over its existence.

Getting Energy Prices Right : From Principle to Practice

This book develops a practical methodology to show how major environmental damage from energy can be quantified for different countries and used to design efficient energy taxes.

Administering Fiscal Regimes for Extractive Industries

Natural resources are valuable but finite non-renewable national assets. This handbook explains how tax policy affects natural resource tax administration.

Subsidy Reform in the Middle East and North Africa

This paper explores the challenges of replacing generalized price subsidies with more equitable social safety net instruments, and describes the features of successful subsidy reforms.

Caribbean Renewal: Tackling Fiscal and Debt Challenges

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of the challenges of fiscal consolidation and debt reduction in the Caribbean.

Finance and Development, June 2014

This issue of F&D looks at Asia from a variety of angles, seeking to provide insight into the region’s economic present and future.

Mozambique Rising : Building a New Tomorrow

This publication highlights Mozambique's remarkably strong growth over the two decades since the end of the civil war in 1992, as well as the major challenges that remain for the country to further its economic development.

International Financial Statistics, June 2014

IFS contains country tables for most Fund members, as well as for regional economic and monetary groupings, and some nonsovereign territorial entities.

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August 7, 2014

Take a Look: New eLibrary collection on the environment and climate change policy

Gain instant access to original IMF publications on natural resources management, energy policy and taxation. read more >>


July 28, 2014

Just released! The IMF and the Force of History

This pamphlet analyzes key events that played a role in shaping the International Monetary Fund over the decades. read more > >

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