Global Financial Stability Report, April 2017 : Getting the Policy Mix Right

Financial stability has continued to improve since the October 2016 issue. Economic activity has gained momentum, amid broadly accommodative monetary and financial conditions, spurring hopes for reflation.

World Economic Outlook, April 2017 : Gaining Momentum?

Global economic activity is picking up with a long-awaited cyclical recovery in investment, manufacturing, and trade.

From Great Depression to Great Recession : The Elusive Quest for International Policy Cooperation

This volume discusses how history can inform current debates about the functioning and challenges of the international monetary system.

Women, Work, and Economic Growth : Leveling the Playing Field

This volume brings together key research by IMF economists on issues related to gender and macroeconomics.

Challenges for Central Banking : Perspectives from Latin America

This book provides perspectives on critical challenges confronting central banks in Latin America.

Modernizing China : Investing in Soft Infrastructure

This book provides policymakers, academics, and the public with valuable information about policies and institutions in China today.

Finance and Development, March 2017: Growth Conundrum

This issue looks at slow productivity growth and the policy mix that can revive productivity and generate lasting economic growth.

Excerpt: Fiscal Politics

Do elections influence budgetary policies? Is political fragmentation associated with the degree of fiscal discipline? What is the role of political ideology? If politics affects fiscal outcomes, can fiscal rules and institutions make a difference?

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April 19, 2017

Fiscal Monitor, April 2017 : Achieving More with Less

Uncertainty regarding future policies as well as macroeconomic risks cloud the global fiscal outlook.

April 19, 2017

Global Financial Stability Report, April 2017 : Getting the Policy Mix Right

 Economic activity has gained momentum.